Detailing Is Not Magic It's An Art And Science

Who Can Benefit From Our Services?

  • More specifically, anyone who has an automobile, boat, RV or airplane looking to improve the appearance for themselves or maximize their resale value.
  • Car Enthusiasts
  • Car Collectors
  • Professionals who have an image to uphold- We’re all being judged
  • Business Owners/ Company Logo Vehicles
  • Just purchased pre-owned
  • Getting ready to sell
  • Gifting vehicle to family member or friend
  • Automotive shops - Fix damage caused in shop or go extra mile for customer

Benefits of Executive Detailing

  • Protect and maintain your vehicle’s new appearance
  • Maximize resale value
  • Transform your car back to like new condition within a few hours
  • Save time and money
    • Don’t replace, restore No down time, done while you work, no need to drop off, we come to you.
  • Clean and sanitized
  • Increase driver safety
    • visibility through glass, mirrors and headlight clarity
  • Prolong Ownership
    • If you waited one extra year before buying a new car how much would that save you?
Executive Detailing is owned and operated by Joel Perez and services the greater Los Angeles area.  Joel has a passion for cars and keeping them in tip top shape.